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Persuasive Writing Notes

To persuade is to get a person or a group of persons to see something from your point of view or at least to understand how you see a situation.
In this type of writing you need to consider: • Audience:-knowing the audience to whom you are speaking or for whom you are writing. This will determine your Register. • Register:-this refers to the tone/language you use, for example, formal, informal, casual {formal to the Prime Minister; informal to a group of friends}This of course depends on the Subject. • Subject:-What you are writing about • Purpose:-reason for writing or talking about. Are you trying to:
-convince that your point of view is the correct one?
-appeal to someone’s weakness?
-get persons to change?

Persuasive Writing Must:
be logical
be based on fact
take into account the age, education and interest of the audience Persuasive Writing should:
be convincing
use references to authority
use concise clear language without repetitions which make no sense
have clearly defined arguments Persuasive writing can:
Appeal to emotions
Come from the writer’s imagination as well  as from experience

Persuasive writing includes:
Letters to the editor
Articles in the editorial of newspapers, agreeing or disagreeing with issues
Letters to members of the community, teachers, parents, presenting a point of view
Speeches meant to persuade or dissuade the listener or to express one’s point of view
Arguments, debates, speeches meant to express a point of view strongly

Section D of the English A 2018 Exam

(Suggested time:  45 minutes)  
You MUST answer this question.  
Your answer should be approximately 250 to 300 words in length.  
You MUST write in Standard English.  

Write your answer on the RULED PAGES provided, pages 20-21.  You are expected to write within the word limit.  

In your answer you will be assessed on the  

(a) clarity, organization and development of your argument 
(c) correctness of grammar, sentences, paragraphs, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.   

5.  You are a member of a school board that is considering reforms.  One of the suggestions is that all schools should make provisions for students who have disabilities of any kind. 

Write the speech you would make to the board, giving your views on the statement.    
                                                                                                                                        (25 marks) 

Persuasive Writing Techniques

In order to develop your argumentative essay, you must use the following techniques effectively.

a)Using facts and opinions

b)Using evidence based on authority-doctors, scientists, public figures

c)Judging relevance of evidence based on authority

d)Drawing conclusions

e)Use of evidence-eg. Statistics

f)Use of analogy: comparison

g)Use of contrast: opposite

h)Repetition: repeating a word or phrase for emphasis

i)Appeal to emotions/use of emotive language

j)Direct personal appeal: use of the pronoun “You”

k)Anecdote: A little story or incident

l)Irony-the opposite of what is said

m)Sarcasm-often intended to hurt, says the opposite of real meaning

n)Hyperbole- exaggeration (going ‘over the top’ for effect. “He said so a million times”

o) Rhetorical Questions: These are questions asked for effect but answered by the speaker/writer

 The Structure of a CSEC English A Persuasive Essay

This type of Writing may be developed as follows:
A.    Thesis Statement (The writer’s opinion on a topic)
·         Reason 1
·         Reason 2
·         Reason 3
B.     The Body
·         Reason 1: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
·         Reason 2: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
·         Reason 3: supporting details
               Connecting words and phrases
C.    The Conclusion
·         Summing up of the three reasons
·         Why they support the thesis statement

The Structure of A Persuasive Essay

[Most high school students feel that the school dress code should be altered to allow them to wear sneakers as a part of their uniform.] Thesis Statement They have many reasons for this but [three of them are that sneakers are comfortable; they are readily  available and are in style.] Three reasons These are all good reasons for students wishing to wear them.
[Who has not suffered blistering from heels or a pinched toe in a new pair of leather shoes?] Reason 1 [Who has not been late for school in the morning searching for shoe polish and brush to pass perfect inspection? Finally, leather  shoes are a handicap in lunchtime box football matches.] Supporting details
[Moreover,] connective word sneakers are readily available in every shoe store or even on street corners.] Reason 2 [Sneakers are popular gifts from overseas relatives to send to you. Even fathers consider sneakers a suitable gift to bring back from travels abroad.] Supporting details
[Finally,] connective word sneakers are stylish] Reason 3 [Everyone knows the popular colour, the popular brand, the popular design. It is possible to get a pair of sneakers to match every uniform colour. Sneakers fit every purpose: walking, running or playing.] Supporting details
[No wonder high school students want to wear their sneakers instead of leather shoes.] Conclusion
[They are comfortable, readily available and are right up to the minute in style.] Restatement of the thesis [To a teenager, there is no question-give them their sneakers] Clincher

Sample CSEC English A Persuasive Writing Past Paper Questions

Here are CXC past paper type persuasive essay questions.
These are the types of persuasive essay questions that have been on
CXC English A past papers
NB: CXC suggests spending no more than 30 minutes to answer the persuasive essay question on Paper 2 of the English A exam. They also suggest 250 – 300 words as the length of the persuasive essay.
1. Write an article to the local newspaper expressing your concern about the high rate of traffic accidents in your country. Suggest three measures which would help to reduce this high rate of accidents.
2. Write an article for your school magazine about three major problems in your school and state how you would solve
each one.
3. You are on a committee planning the celebrations to mark the anniversary of your school. You have heard that some of your classmates plan to boycott the celebrations, and you have been asked to make a speech to persuade them to take part. Write out your speech.
4. Your school council has asked for nominations for the “Teacher of the Year” award. Write a letter to the council in which you suggest someone from your school, giving strong arguments to support your choice.
5. Write an article for a school magazine in which you present strong arguments either for or against the topic: “School should be abolished.”