Tips for Completing the Written (Group) Report

Here are some tips on how to complete the SBA written report:

1. Guide students a list of guided questions.

2. Students can be directed to answering these questions individually in their SBA note books.

3. Students will then meet as a group to discuss the same questions and share their respective answers. This can be a platform for the group discussion.

4. Students can then formulate an overall group response to the questions.

5. Students can then use their group answers to formulate the content of the report.

6. The syllabus to not state the overall structure of the report. Therefore, I would think that the report can be given a title and the body can be structure in paragraphs. What do you think?

A Breakdown of the Reflection

here has been some debate as to whether there should be three separate reflections on each artefact or three entries integrating the analysis of all three artefacts. I hope this breakdown will adequately answer these questions.

Three essays are NOT required for the reflection. But the candidate must produce three reflections on the three aspects indicated on page 39 of the syllabus.

1.  What should the English SBA Reflection entail?

Writing the three ‘Reflection’ entries means that the student working individually:

(a)   chooses three pieces of material related to the theme, one of which must be print;

(b)   creates a first entry in which they record how each of the three stimuli affected their understanding of and reaction to the theme;

(c)   creates a second entry which comments on the language techniques used, for example, figurative language, emotional language, descriptive language, denotative and connotative language, levels of formality, use of dialect, jargon; and,

(d)  creates a third entry which comments on how the process of doing the English SBA on the selected theme has helped you to grow. For example, increased understanding, competence, awareness, changes in behaviour, attitude, and world view.

This last entry of the reflection should be delayed until close to the completion of the SBA.

 2.  What is meant by ‘discuss the use of language’ in the reflection for the English SBA?

When students discuss the use of language found in their selected stimuli (pieces of material) they will comment on the techniques (word choice, figurative language) used by the writer to communicate his/her message.  The discussion should include:

(a)    identification of techniques; and,

(b)    comments on how these techniques helped/hindered the delivery of the message (information).

Written Report Guidelines

After reviewing the written report with a colleague here are some guidelines that have been created. I would love your feedback.

WRITTEN REPORT (300 words)

This is a report on the research process. This also states the outcome of the research.

You can answer these questions in your written report.

*What steps have you taken to get your work done?
*How did you collect the data?
*Are you happy with the pieces you have done?
*Are you happy working as a group?
*Did you learnt individually or as a group?
*Did you meet as a group?
*Do you think the group was effective working together?

What steps did you take as a group to get the work done?

·         Did you share resources?

·         Did you work co-operatively?

·         Did you help your group mate to edit and revise?

·         Did you research artefacts together?

·         Did you clarify information for your group?

The group selects THREE pieces of material from all the material (that is from each person’s material in the group) to do the GROUP report. They write the one report on those 3 pieces.

The group members will discuss and analyze how the group artefacts encapsulate the group theme. Select three artefacts from the fifteen the group collected.  Students will write an overview of each artefact.

Select the main points/ideas of the article that is confirming how the artefact relates to the theme.

What are the key issues that each piece develops/focuses on?

They will also reference the artefacts in their report.

Students will include the answer to the following questions in their report. They should bear in mind the three artefacts selected as they answer these questions.

·         What new information did you gain about your topic/ theme?

·         Were your ideas/views confirmed or refuted?

·         Did anything surprise/shock/overwhelmed you from the research?

What were the outcomes/finding/ conclusions of the research?

Each person places a copy of that report in his/her portfolio

Sample Plan of Investigation

Example 1:

I chose the topic “Does Scamming Help the Economy When Scammers Target Overseas Residents” from the group theme Scamming because I want to know how it affects the Jamaican economy along with how it would indirectly affect me.

As a student of English, this will help to develop: my research skills; my ability to analyze and critically interpret information accurately; develop critical thinking skills along with basic error recognition skills.

Also, I will increase my knowledge of the topic. I intend to collect various information on my topic from the internet, newspaper articles, and documentaries and from recorded interviews.

Example 2:

Child abuse exists in many forms all over the world. I chose this topic as although it is prevalent, awareness still needs to be raised on neglect and exploitation. Through this research, I hope to expand my knowledge of this topic and also boost my research skills and language skills by identifying the writer’s technique in presenting the issue and identifying main ideas. To do this, I will conduct secondary research to examine ways that abuse affects teens and ascertain the resources that are available to assist them, after which, I will present my data through learnt oral and written communication.

How to Structure the Oral Presentation

Start with your introduction:

  • This should include the genre (poetry/prose/drama).
  • State what kind of poem/prose/drama piece.
  • State the sources used
  • Comment on the type of language you will use.
  • State briefly what your presentation will be about

Body of the Presentation:

  • State your overall understanding of your topic
  • Highlight what you have learnt
  • Mention possible solutions/comment on how to improve……

A Breakdown of the Artefacts

The Artefacts/Data

Each Student must have three pieces of data/artefact based on their sub-topic.
These pieces can be:
(newspaper report, magazine articles,  expository articles, Journal Articles )

(song, interviews news report, podcast)

(documentary,  news report, music video, movie, )

A sample of the article must be in the SBA portfolio. This can be placed on a C.D./thumb-drive

The English SBA Breakdown

A number of persons have reviewed the SBA outline that I have posted to this blog and they have also asked a number of questions based on the new CSEC English A SBA.

This post is my attempt to further breakdown/explain the CSEC English A SBA.

This information was gathered from a CSEC Webinar that was conducted in September.


Students will be in groups of 4 or 5.


  1. Students will assist each other by proofreading each other’s work
  2. Have group discussions and brainstorm ideas
  3. Assist each other in research
  4. Write the written report together

NB: Group work is not optional. It is a part of the process of the SBA.

Students and/ or teachers can create a number of themes (drug abuse, violence against women, natural disasters, etc ). Themes can also be created by students based on their interests.

Each group will select a theme. Each student in the group will select a sub-theme based on the group theme.

Teachers can guide students to identify sub-themes by brainstorming the theme.

 For example:

The Main Theme: Drug Abuse

The Sub-Themes can be:

* drug abuse treatments
* the effects of drug abuse
* how drug abuse contributes to crime
* how drug abuse affects teenagers


After sub-themes have been selected, students will now find their three (3) pieces of data/artefacts that further explains the theme. These pieces of data (artefacts) can come in the following formats: a document (articles, tables, pictures, audio (a recording), video, an interview etc). The student will select materials that are they can write a reflection on.

One of the three pieces must be print. Your audio can be placed on a CD or Flash Drive

Students should not do any interviews or questionnaires for this research. 


Students will then write their reflection of how the document/ artefact shaped their thinking about the sub-topic they are exploring.

Students will then examine how the language helped them to further understand the sub-theme/topic.

Students will write THREE entries in which the student reflects on the issue/topic/ theme/ event selected should be completed in their portfolio.

The final piece of reflection should state how doing this SBA or Sub-theme helped the student to become a better person or improve his/her attitude. (This can be done at the end of the year.)

The entire group will have 12 pieces of data/artefacts in total. Students must use their own pieces of material. Students should not have the same reflections. Each reflection must be individual.

These reflections should be written in class.



State how the data/artefact has inspired you, affected you, impacted on you, and what does it remind you of.


Students will comment on the use of language. They will state if the language formal, informal, jargons, slangs, technical or distant tone. State how the language aid in your understanding of the sub-theme/topic.


State how the sub-theme/topic helps you to become a better person, shape your attitude, etc. (This should be done at the end of the term.)

WRITTEN REPORT (300 words)

This is a report on the research process. This also states the outcome of the research.

You can answer these questions in your written report.

*What steps have you taken to get your work done?
*How did you collect the data?
*Are you happy with the pieces you have done?
*Are you happy working as a group?
*Did you learnt individually or as a group?
*Did you meet as a group?
*Do you think the group was effective working together?

This report should be written as a group.


What you have decided to do as your contribution to your theme/sub-theme. Students can write a poem, drama piece, or prose piece. Students creative response after a brief overview of the research process.

A brief plan of the oral presentation must be submitted in the portfolio. This must be a part of the presentation.

This should be done in Standard English. Teachers will mark the presentation. The presentation must be recorded and place it on a CD or Flash Drive.


An introduction to the issue/topic/theme/event (A satisfactory response should be no more than 100 words).

(a) Why did you choose this issue/topic/theme/event?

(b) What are the expected benefits to you as a student of English?

(c) How do you intend to collect relevant information on your issue/topic/theme/event and use this in your presentation?[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]