CSEC English B Short Stories 2018-2020

This selection  of short stories is from A World of Prose for CXC David Williams and
(New Edition) Hazel Simmons-McDonald Short Stories Prescribed for the JUNE 2018 – JANUARY 2023 Examinations are as follows:

1. The Two Grandmothers -Olive Senior

2. Blackout -Roger Mais

3. Emma- Carolyn Cole

4. The Man of the House -Frank O’Connor

5. Blood Brothers -John Wickham

6. The Day the World Almost Came to an End- Pearl Crayton

7. The Boy Who Loved Ice Cream- Olive Senior

8. Berry- Langston Hughes

9. Mom Luby and the Social Worker -Kristin Hunter

10. To Da-duh, in Memoriam -Paule Marshall


The highlighted stories are the stories that have been added to the syllabus.