Blood Brothers Guided Reading Questions

Blood Brothers

  1. Identify the major characters and describe their role in the story.
  2. Compare and contrast Benjie and Paul. State which brother you prefer and why?
  3. Describe the setting and identify how it affects one character.
  4. Outline the conflict that is present in the story and provide evidence to support your points.
  5. One theme in the story is love and family relationship. Outline the presentation of the theme in the story.

‘Blood Brothers’ by John Wickham Analysis

A Reading of the Short Story


This story is about two brothers Paul and Benjy. Both brothers can be considered to be ‘Blood Brothers’ because they are thirteen year old twins. Despite the fact that Paul and Benjy are twins; they both display different personality traits. Paul is an introvert who loves nature and he loves to contemplate about life. Whereas, Benjy is Paul’s polar opposite. This further reinforces that although both boys are genetically related that is where the commonality ends.  Benjy is an extrovert who is very carefree and fun loving. However, Paul thinks his brother believes he is superior and as a result he grows to hate him. Paul is conflicted about his feelings because deep down he wants Benjy to be his friend and confidant. The story ends with Paul attacking Benjy. Benjy is surprised and confused because he did not know or understand why Paul reacted in this way.



  • Paul is an introvert.
  • He is artistic and he paints pictures
  • He loves nature.
  • He is also very reflective. He contemplates nature as well as his feeling towards his brother.
  • He dislikes Benjy’s ability to accomplish simple tasks quickly.
  • He resents Benjy because he reminds him of his own short comings.
  • He envies Benjy and his envy turns to hate.
  • He thought Benjy feels he is superior to him.


  • He is an extrovert and carefree
  • He is confident.
  • He is a typical boy, very active, adventurous and always exploring.
  • He is ignorant to his brother’s disdain for him.
  • He felt he is superior to Paul.
  • He mocks Paul.


  • He is an old shoe maker in the village. Both boys go to visit him.

Narrative Point of View:

  • Third Person Narrative

Setting: The story takes place in an unnamed village. 

Conflict:  Paul envies Benjy carefree personality as a result of this he grew to hate Benjy.  This hate resulted n him attacking his brother.


  • Love and family relationships
  • Childhood Experiences
  • Appearance vs Reality