Our aim

here at CSEC English Made Easy is provide students and teachers with additional resources (analysis, English SBA info,sample questions and essays) so that more students will be able to achieve more quality passes regionally.

With this in mind, CSEC English Made Easy is currently being developed into a fully functioning website. If you have been a member of our CSEC English Made Easy family you will realize that there has been a number of changes to the look and feel of the over all blog.

Don’t worry. These changes will not affect the information that you have become accustom to seeing on our site.  All the analysis of the poems, stories, sample questions and English A information are still available under the BLOG heading. In fact, you will have more options to getting more CSEC English A & B assistance. Yeah!!!

If you are a teacher then the Teacher’s Cafe is the place for you. You will have access to monthly lessons, worksheets, additional S.B.A. resources, additional content for your lessons, along videos from behind the scenes.  You also can get your membership in our shop.

You can also see our bookshelf for reviews of your favourite texts and yes, we now have a shop.

Check out New Events for any upcoming CSEC English Made Easy Events.

To answer your questions:


1. Why are  you doing paid memberships?


2. Why are you selling resources in the shop?


Before CSEC English was just a compilation of my teacher notes,  resources from around the net as well as a original content.  The aim is to now post only original content on the website and more. In order to do this, resources are needed. The membership options and the shop will help to get these resources. Once again, thank you for believing in the dream. Your support will help to make this all possible.