The Day the World almost came to an End Questions


  • What is the setting of the story (time and place)?
  • What was the central feature of the protagonist/narrator’s life?
  • Why was the protagonist holding on to being a sinner?
  • Who gave the protagonist/narrator the idea that the world was about to reach its end?
  • How did this individual know that the world was about to end?
  • What part did the eclipse play in the belief that the ending of the world was imminent? Explain the theory behind this?
  • What part does the church/religion play in fueling the child’s misconception about the ending of the world?
  • Who did the narrator want to talk to? How did that person respond to her fears?
  • What were some of the things that the narrator viewed as a sin?
  • What was the result of the narrator’s growing paranoia?
  • What did the narrator do when she got herself under control?
  • What effect did this event have on the narrator as an adult?
  • What point of view is used in this short story?
  • What plot structure is used in this short?
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