The Day the World almost came to an End Questions


  • What is the setting of the story (time and place)?
  • What was the central feature of the protagonist/narrator’s life?
  • Why was the protagonist holding on to being a sinner?
  • Who gave the protagonist/narrator the idea that the world was about to reach its end?
  • How did this individual know that the world was about to end?
  • What part did the eclipse play in the belief that the ending of the world was imminent? Explain the theory behind this?
  • What part does the church/religion play in fueling the child’s misconception about the ending of the world?
  • Who did the narrator want to talk to? How did that person respond to her fears?
  • What were some of the things that the narrator viewed as a sin?
  • What was the result of the narrator’s growing paranoia?
  • What did the narrator do when she got herself under control?
  • What effect did this event have on the narrator as an adult?
  • What point of view is used in this short story?
  • What plot structure is used in this short?
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        1. The story takes place on a plantation in Louisianna. This is most likely during the post colonial post emancipation era. The church played a significant role in this period and therefore the narrator’s life was governed by religion. She was however still a child and preferred the sins of childhood. The narrator’s cousin Rena who overheard an adult conversation misinformed the narrator that because of an eclipse the world was coming to an end.

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