Collins Caribbean Student’s Dictionary Review and Giveaway


Recently, I came across a copy of the Collins Caribbean Student’s Dictionary and at first I thought that it was just like any other dictionary that I have owned. Boy was I wrong with my initial assessment. 

This is not only a dictionary but also an English 101 and grammar text book all rolled into one. I say this because of the unique survival guide for students that is at the back of the dictionary.
From this unique survival guide, students are equipped with detailed information on the various types of writing (summary writing and report writing), exam tips, detailed definition and examples of the various punctuation marks and their usage, a spelling guide, homophones examples and definitions, sample cover letters, sample resumes, business letters and memoranda. I must say it is a survival guide indeed. 

What I like must is that the topics that are covered in the survival guide are topics that are in line with the new CSEC English A syllabus (summary writing, report writing, presentation tips, exam tips). Almost all the topics from the paper 2 exam are covered in this guide. 
This dictionary is truly all the information you need at your fingertips. It is also a great tool for not only high school students but students entering sixth form, university or even a reference tool to have around the house.
The price point makes it more than worth purchasing.  If you don’t believe you can watch the video below for a detailed look at the dictionary.


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