Characters In the Play- Ti Jean and His Brothers


Gros- Jean– he is the first son, like his name suggests he was big and strong. Although he had excessive strength he was foolish. As such, he was quickly defeated by the devil.

Mi-Jean– he is the second son who thinks that he is the intellectual of the family. In reality he is a dumb moron who the Devil quickly overthrows by using his perceived intelligence against him.

Ti-Jean– He is the youngest son. His brothers see no worth in him. He is the one who has the true wits and with it he defeats the devil.

The Mother– She is deeply religious. Her life is not an easy one (poor, widowed, and abandoned by her son)

The Devil– the devil who presents himself in multiple ways. He destroys two of the sons.

Bolom– the unborn foetus who was killed by his mother. He delivers the devil’s message.


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