Breath Eyes Memory Chapters 1-3 Questions- CSEME PRO


Chapter 1

  1. How old is Sophie Caco at the opening of the story?
  2. Who is Atie?
  3. Where is Sophie’s mother?
  4. What does Sophie create for Atie?
  5. Why doesn’t Atie want Sophie to teach her to read?
  6. What kind of a town is Croix-des-Rosets?
  7. Who is Monsieur Augustin?
  8. What is in the package that Atie receives?

Chapter 2

  1. Why are Atie and Sophie in Croix-des-Rosets?
  2. How do they pay for the house which is as fine as Augustin’s?


Chapter 3

  1. Why do Atie and Sophie travel to La Novelle Dame Marie?
  2. Describe the town of La Novelle Dame Marie?
  3. Who is Ifé? Where does she live?
  4. Why do you think Ifé stress to Sophie that, “Your mother is your first friend”?
  5. Who believes that “chagrin” can be a disease like a broken arm?
  6. Where is the Guinea that Ifé talks about?
  7. What is meant by the phrase “carry the sky on their heads?”

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